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Meet The Host

My name is Mila, I live in Zagreb, but have spent majority of summer vacations in Novalja with my family.


Why is Novalja perfect for biking?

Novalja, located on the stunning island of Pag in Croatia, is a true paradise for biking enthusiasts. This charming coastal town offers a unique combination of natural beauty, favorable climate, and diverse terrain, making it an ideal destination for cyclists of all levels. With its well-maintained cycling routes and breathtaking landscapes, Novalja provides an exhilarating biking experience like no other.

One of the major highlights of biking in Novalja is its picturesque coastline. Riders can enjoy stunning views of the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea as they pedal along the scenic coastal roads. The refreshing sea breeze and the sound of waves crashing against the shore create a serene and invigorating atmosphere, adding to the overall biking experience.

Beyond the coastline, Novalja offers a diverse range of terrain to explore. From gentle rolling hills to challenging mountain trails, bikers can find routes that suit their preferences and skill levels. The island's rugged and unspoiled landscapes provide an opportunity to immerse oneself in nature and discover hidden gems along the way.


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